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What does it do?

BugCollect.com is an online service that enables your applications to report problems, crashes and incidents. You get a consolidated central repository for all incident reports submitted by all your application sites.

BugCollect.com helps you analyze the nature of the incidents by grouping related incidents into buckets. After a solution is found to a bucket you can establish a response to further incidents that fall into same bucket, allowing your applications to react like for example redirect the user to a newer version that fixes the problem.

BugCollect.com incident reporting can be added to any application, in any language and on any platform. The incidents are reported using open HTTP based standards and we provide free downloadable components to enable BugCollect.com incident submission from most common languages and platforms, including Java, .Net Framework for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X platforms.

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Just drop in a component into your application and immediately benefit fully automated remote tracing, incident reporting and resolution feedback for your users.
See all your reports from all your customers in one central place.
Group related incidents from various sources into a one bucket.
Filter through incidents by bucket, by timeline or by source.
Get notified when new incidents are reported by your applications.