BugCollect.com was founded by Remus Rusanu and Robert Rusanu. It started from a need to solve our own problem: to consolidate incident reporting from our applications. BugCollect.com is aimed to provide applications with an out of the box customer support solution for application crashes and incidents.

Soon after we set up a pilot project we realized what a tremendous help is to have incidents reported in real time, from all our customers. One day we found out that a database applications was reporting disk space problems from one of our customers and we called our customer to notify him about the problem even before they knew about it! Few more incidents like this and we were sold on the benefits of using an online service as a central repository for logging and problem reporting.

With the added support for incident reports, we automated the customer support for the problems encountered by our applications. The BugCollect.com service does not only identify the problem as a known issue, it sends a response back to the application that can instruct the user on specific steps needed to avoid the problem.

If you have any feedback for us please feel free to use our feedback forum.


BUGCOLLECT LLC is a Seattle based start up established in April 2009 to operate and develop the BugCollect.com service.

We are privately financed and we have secured the funds to execute on the projected growth path for the next 2 years.