[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Initializes the ReportingManager with the given credentials.

Namespace:  bugcollect
Assembly:  bugcollect (in bugcollect.dll) Version: (1.0)


public ReportingManager(
	string applicationName,
	string applicationPassword
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub New ( _
	applicationName As String, _
	applicationPassword As String _


Type: System..::.String
Application name used for authentication with bugcollect.com.
Type: System..::.String
Application password used for authentication with bugcollect.com.


Do not use your own bugcollect.com account credentials. Create an application name and password from your Account page on bugcollect.com and use them in your application. To prevent storing the application password hard coded in your application you can use the application configuration. To protect the application password in the configuration file you can use an encrypted configuration section using SectionInformation.ProtectSection method.

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